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Vnetphone V6 BT interphone bluetooth motorcycle helmet intercom for 6 riders

VNETPHONE V6 Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom Headset Designed for motorcyclists and skiers. It aims to offer you a clear and convenient intercommunication with your pillion or other riders while you running. Just attach the ear speaker to the felted pad, and then you can listen to music, or even can pair other 5 intercoms at same time to communicate with your partners for around you within 1200 square meters.
 Main Features: ● Full-duplex motorcycle helmet Bluetooth intercom for 6 riders simultaneously ● Maximum 1200 meters calling distance ● Bluetooth V3.0 hands-free at range of up to 10 meters ● Automatic answering phone calls provides convenient and safe riding journey ● ESP echo reduction and noise cancellation guarantee clear sound quality ● Waterproof material and wind resistant design bring more security for you ● Built-in 550mAh Li-polymer battery for long time using ● 150 hours standby time and 8 hours continuous calling or music playing time


Product Details Brand: EJEAS Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth V3.0 Talk time: 8 hours Standby time: 150 hours Apply To Car Brand: No Compatible with: Universal Working Voltage: 3.3V – 4.2V

Vnetphone V8 1200 Mt Bluetooth Intercom 5 Riders Headset NFC Full Duplex + FM

NFC: near field communication, wireless communication from close range Motorcycle handle remote control Full duplex motorcycle intercom among five riders at the same time National level 5 waterproof standards With FM radio Connecting with MP3/GPS/mobile which has Bluetooth intercom Features: Auto-receiving cellphone calls Supports voice dial Stereo music/audio function (transmits from A2DP enabled cellphone, MP3 formats and GPS) With single mic software echo cancellation and noise suppression technology Maximum talking range 1,200m between two riders and real two-way wireless communication Water-resistant and gloves-friendly Specifications: Frequency: 2.4GHz Working speed: up to 120kph Inter-communication: up to 5 riders Talk time: up to 8 hours Standby time: up to 500 hours Best ski/bicycle/motor helmet bluetooth multi-interphone/headset, bluetooth interphone, bluetooth Intercom   This BIM B (Bluetooth headset) I (intercom) M (music) is a multifuctional device for motorcyclists and skiers, it can be used:   1) As a hands-free Bluetooth headset for cell phone calls While out riding or snow skiing, the auto answer feature of the internal Bluetooth profile enables safe automatic Hands-free answering of the phone call automatically. It also offers a call rejecting function. receive the cell phone calls even you do not need to press any button, you just need to rider your bike as normal, the process of receiving call will be automatic, after ring on of the call about 5 seconds; it will receive the call automatically. It also can offer rejecting call function. 2) As a two way wireless full duplex interphone between riders or between rider & pillion The Maximum communication range over a high clear line of sight path can reach 1200m/1640ft! (This maximum range is not guaranteed). Typical effective range in city is approximately 300m/950ft. Please note that actual range will depend on weather conditions, terrain, presence of obstacles, i.e. a large vehicle, buildings non line of sight etc. Unlike a one-way walkie talkie, which is only half duplex i.e. it can not speak and listen simultaneously, the BIM offers real-time talking like a normal telephone. It can connect with two other riders or connect with anther rider and his/her pillion. The rider can chose which person to talk with. The working speed can be up to 120Km! 3) As a wireless Bluetooth music receiver and speaker this BIM has EDR and A2DP profile , with EDR and A2DP profile it can offer another important function--- listening to stereo music from A2DP enabled cellphone,MP3 or navigation audio information from GPS(this MP3 or GPS should has a built in audio Bluetooth transmitter) 4) If your MP3, GPS did not have a built in audio Bluetooth transmitter, you only need to have an external audio Bluetooth transmitter (sometimes called an AV Dongle, you can find it easily in the market) to pair with them, then you also can enjoy this added functionality.

Yamaha Helmet

  • Full Face
  • Advanced Polycarbonate Composite Shell lightweight, superior fit and comfort using advanced CAD technology
  • Sunshield- 3 stage adjustable sunshield deploys quickly and easily
  • Optically superior Pinlock®-prepared 3D face shield- provides 95% UV protection
  • Innovative Center one-touch open/close locking system designed for an extremely secure seal
  • “ACS” Advanced Channeling Ventilation System- full front to back airflow flushed heat and humidity up and out
  • SuperCool® Interior- crown and cheek pads are removable and washable
  • DOT approve